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Shri. N. Ranga Rao,, the founder of NR Group and D. Eassuwaren, the founder of Eswaran Brothers, strongly believed in giving back to society, a part of the gains and this they practiced by spending generously on socially relevant causes. This belief became an ideal and passion for the succeeding generations of the two Groups. Thus,NR Foundation, the non-profit charitable trust of the NR Group and V.T.V Foundation, the non-profit charitable arm of the Eswaran Group was born.

NR Foundation is a trust that is well recognized for its contributions in the areas of education, health, art, culture and services to the physically challenged across India. The Trust strongly believes that consistent effort in helping our society brings about positive and permanent changes for the betterment of mankind.

Dedicated to serving the needs of societies, the VTV Foundation has been initiated in fond memory of Mr. D. Eassuwaren's father, VTV Deivanayagam Pillai. Charitable causes majorly cater to the educational requirements of underprivileged children in Sri Lanka. The foundation also provides emergency assistance to whosoever seeking for it, such as medical care.

Corporate Social Responsibility is taken seriously and NR Group, the Eswaran Group along with Suwanda Industries contribute to deserving causes on a case to case basis.